What are the environmental costs of AI?

(Context, 24 Jan 2024) Artificial intelligence uses a lot of energy and water, posing climate concerns for tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

As artificial intelligence advances at breakneck pace, the world's biggest tech companies face growing pressure to address the environmental and climate impacts of AI - which requires large amounts of electricity and water to run.

Tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft have pledged to tackle the climate crisis, yet green experts say the sector is not doing enough to mitigate the rising consumption of resources.

Electricity consumption from data centres, AI and cryptocurrency could double by 2026, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.

Here's how the growth of AI and tech firms' resource use are raising concerns about energy, water shortages, and global warming:

How is AI requiring ever-more energy?

Developing AI has come at greater computing expense, increased by the development of new consumer products.

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Context, 24 Jan 2024: What are the environmental costs of AI?