What I learned about clean energy in Denmark

(Inside Climate News, 14 Dec 2023) The country leads on climate policy, but grapples with disagreements over strategy and the pace of change.

People in Denmark have got it good.

With walkable and bikeable cities, awe-inspiring natural beauty and pastries that you want to eat all day long, the country feels almost like a fantasy world.

I traveled there in August to get an up-close look at implementation of ambitious climate policies. The result was a story published earlier this week, about a country where people mostly agree on big things, like the need for aggressive action to reduce emissions, but often disagree about how to do it, and how quickly.

Here are some of the observations that didn’t make it into my story:

Walking through Ørsted’s Maze

I visited the main offices of Ørsted, which are located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, to learn more about the global wind energy company.

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Inside Climate News, 14 Dec 2023: What I learned about clean energy in Denmark