Will the aviation sector replicate Big Oil’s playbook?

(Transport and Environment, 6 Apr 2023) A worrying repeat of the 1970s.

The 1970s. Disco music and flashy shirts were on the rise. But so was the use of fossil fuels, and a group of scientists sounded the alarm bell. The carbon emissions of these fuels could have disastrous consequences for our Earth’s climate.

We know what came after. Oil companies captured the narrative, denied the problem, deflected attention, and delayed action. They managed to silence the alarm bell and kept pumping oil, gas and coal, racking up trillions of dollars while breaking down the climate.

Fast forward to 2023. We can very much feel the heat of climate change, as scientists predicted. (Almost) no one denies it anymore, and action is speeding up.

We could think that, if scientists sounded a new alarm about a climate issue, we would try our best to avoid the same mistake. We would take bold, decisive action to solve the problem and avoid a further worsening of global warming.

Well…it looks like the aviation industry thinks otherwise.

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Transport and Environment, 6 Apr 2023: Will the aviation sector replicate Big Oil’s playbook?