What is involved?

Your organisation starts the process by contacting us. We schedule time to meet and discuss the scope and expectations. The basic steps are:

  • Sign agreements (including confidentiality agreement, if required)
  • Analyse business model (business or business unit)
  • Analyse operational excellence
  • Perform energy analysis and identify energy performance actions
  • Map processes of key energy services
  • Identify and quantify multiple benefits 
  • Perform financial and strategic analysis
  • Communicate investment proposal
  • Business decision

Benefits of pilot projects:

  1. Improve investment case for energy performance enhancing actions 
  2. Value and evaluate the strategic impacts of an energy saving project
  3. Train energy engineering personnel in strategic and financial analysis
  4. Obtain analysis and communication tools to replicate successes


Our team will work with your Energy Manager, operations/ production, and financial staff. We guide the process, provide assistance and tools, and lead the business, energy and strategic analysis with input from your staff. We then help your Energy Manager to develop the investment proposal including multiple benefits. These services are provided free of charge (we are funded by the EU).

Your Energy Manager is our key point of contact to help develop the investment proposal with input from the operations, production and financial teams.


Our assessment is estimated to take between 6-8 weeks. The duration may be longer depending on the complexity of the project chosen, and the response time of your teams. Ideally the pilot project development coincides with your normal investment cycle, so that a proposal is ready in time for your investment committee to make a fully informed project decision.

Multiple Benefits pilot projects will start in February 2019 and conclude by February 2020.

Is your organisation ready to go?

Great, let’s get started! Contact us to sign up or learn more.

An important consideration: we must be able to engage with multiple departments to value all benefits and competitive impacts!