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NEW! Furniture maker improves reputation, reduces cost with heating upgrade

DEKOR-MEBLE, a small-scale furniture manufacturer located in Wyszków, Poland, requires an individual heating system to provide hot water and space heating for its staff and operations. Prior to the project, hot water and space heating services were provided by an old and inefficient wood/coal boiler. To maintain these services, a highly qualified employee prepared fuel (coal in winter, wood in summer) and kept the boiler working year-round. The situation was especially undesirable in the summer, when the boiler only provided hot water (no space heating necessary). By switching to a maintenance-free, solar hot water system the company improved its reputation with the community, freed up 5 hours/week during summer months (otherwise required for maintaining the old boiler), and reduced the project payback by 9x!

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NEW! Compressed air optimisation leads to safety improvements, new line of business

When energy and noise audits revealed safety issues associated with Perardi e Gresino (PeG)'s manufacturing plant, they sprang to action. PeG started by right sizing the components e.g., fittings on the production machines, then optimising the compressed air distribution line, and finally introducing a condition monitoring system. These measures led to significant competitive advantages including a safer and higher-quality environment. PeG even plans to invest in a new line of business to enable their industrial customers and partners reduce costs and risks through compressed air optimisation!

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NEW! Electrification of compression system improves reliability, contributes to utility's sustainability vision

Eni S.p.A. is an Italian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome. It has operations in 66 countries with a market capitalization of US$55.61 billion (as of 31 December 2019). An energy audit of an upstream gas plant in Fano, Italy was conducted in 2019. The audit highlighted the opportunity to electrify the compressor driver instead of using the gas turbine. Electrification of the compression system would shift the main energy consumption of the plant from natural gas to electrical energy. However, the project proposal including the economics were not favorable until multiple benefits were considered.

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NEW! Rooftop solar, heat exchanger to deliver on Supermarket chain's sustainability ambitions

Alfa-Beta (AB) Vassilopoulos S.A. is a supermarket chain based in Greece. Their value proposition is to provide a great shopping experience that meets consumers’ changing needs and builds loyalty, all provided with 24-hour technical support. They aim to inspire customers to make healthier choices, increase product transparency, and eliminate waste. Part of AB Vassilopoulo’s goal is to target smarter and more efficient operations. Given the staff’s time constraints and the fact that an energy audit was not legally required at the warehouse in focus, participating in the Multiple Benefits project offered a unique opportunity to investigate energy saving opportunities and additional benefits.

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