Apr 2021 – , Cases & examples

Authors: Jason Erwin, Borg & Co; Livio De Chicchis, FIRE; and Elvira Rakova, Direktin

Illustrator/design: Klas Björkman, Borg & Co

When energy and noise audits revealed safety issues associated with Perardi e Gresino (PeG)'s manufacturing plant, they sprang to action. PeG started by right sizing the components e.g., fittings on the production machines, then optimising the compressed air distribution line, and finally introducing a condition monitoring system. These measures led to significant competitive advantages including a safer and higher-quality environment. PeG even plans to invest in a new line of business to enable their industrial customers and partners reduce costs and risks through compressed air optimisation!

Download: Multiple benefits case study (PeG, Italy, 2021)