Nov 2021 – , Multiple Benefits Reports

[D8.3 Documentation of major dissemination events]


Jason Erwin, Borg & Co

The purpose of this document is to summarize the take-aways and protocols from the European-wide dissemination events. A summary of all local or national-level workshops/events, webinars, and training sessions – a total of over 40 events throughout the course of the project – is included in D8.4 (General Dissemination).

The major European-level dissemination events held during the project and summarized in this report include: 

  • eceee Summer Study workshop – 2019 
  • Symposium on valuing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency (Mid-term conference) – 2019
  • Multiple benefits final conference – 2021 

D8.3 Documentation of major dissemination events