Greenpeace targets Spain with climate change lawsuit

(EurActiv, 16 Sep 2020) Three environmental groups including Greenpeace said Tuesday (15 September) they have launched a lawsuit against the Spanish government, accusing it of taking insufficient action to tackle climate

It comes after similar action was launched by green groups elsewhere in Europe including France, Germany and the Netherlands, where the Dutch government lost a landmark case on cutting greenhouse gas emissions in 2018.

“There is only one path to avoid devastating climate change: reducing CO2 emissions drastically and quickly and speeding up the ecological transition,” the president of the Spanish branch of Greenpeace, Mario Rodriguez, said in a joint statement from the three groups.

The lawsuit, filed at Spain’s Supreme Court, seeks a judicial order requiring the government to “increase its climate ambition” to comply with its international environmental commitments.

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EurActiv, 16 Sep 2020: Greenpeace targets Spain with climate change lawsuit